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Thank you for applying for a property through Sublime Property Agents. Please read the following steps carefully and ensure all pages are completed and relevant documentation is attached before sending the application through. If you have any questions please contact us on 02 9557 5888 or admin@sublimeproperty.com.au


step 1. Download the rental application document or use the below form

step 2. Fill out your information and attach all relevant documentation

step 3. If you have used the below form just press ‘send’. If you have used the hardcopy please send via: fax 02 9557 5999, email admin@sublimeproperty.com.au or post to 87 Princes Hwy, St Peters 2044


Please note that the application above is in PDF Format. If you do not already have the free Acrobat Reader application installed on your computer, you will first need to download it before viewing this Tenancy Application.

Property applying for

Please fill in the form below for your enquiries

(equivalent to 4 weeks rent)

Personal details

(as appears on your License or Passport)


Emergency Contact (Please provide an emergency contact not residing with you (e.g. Next of Kin))

Current Tenancy Details (if applicable)


Previous Rental History (if less than 12 months in current premises)


Current Employment Details

Full TimePart TimeCasualNot Employed Student

If self-employed, please complete the following

Previous Employment Details (if less than 2 years at current employer)

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Social Security Benefits (if applicable)

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Other Information


Personal Referees

Application Checklist

In order for your application to be processed we require the following:
  • Copy of Drivers License
  • Copy of Passport / Visa (if in Australia for less than 2 years)
  • Most recent rental ledger or proof of regular rent payments
  • Copy of electrical / gas bill
  • Copy of rate notice if current property is owned by you or relative.

Terms of Application

1. Applicant's Warranty

The applicant's warrant/s:

  • (1) That the details provided on their Applicant Details Sheets are true and correct
  • (2) That they are not bankrupt or insolvent

2. Applicant/s Agrees

The Applicant's agrees that:

  • (1) That they have inspected the Premises as specified in the application form and accept its condition.
  • (2) The Applicant's will sign the Tenancy Agreement forthwith upon being notified of acceptance of this Application by the Agent.
  • (3) This Tenancy Application, unless accepted, creates no contractual or legal obligations between the parties.
  • (4) They understand that the Landlord/Agent is not required to give an explanation to them for any Application not approved
  • (5) On acceptance of this Application for Tenancy by the Landlord being notified to the Applicant's. verbally or in writing, the Applicant's will rent the Premises from the Landlord under a Tenancy Agreement drawn up by the Agent and, upon the signing of the Tenancy Agreement, pay the Bond and Rent amount as specified in the application form by a method acceptable to the Agent. Such payments to be cleared funds prior to occupancy.
  • (6) As tenant it must satisfy itself as to the provision of any electronic communication services to the Premises (intemei television - analogue. digital or cable) and the adequacy of exiting electrical fittings with respect to the use of such services. The landlord gives no warranty in respect to the provision or adequacy of such services or electrical fittings to the Premises.

3. Holding Fee

  • 3.1 If a Holding Fee amount is required the Applicant's will be required to pay such fee to the Agent, upon the Applicant's ApPication for Tenancy being approved by the Landlord/Agent Such fee, if a Tenancy Agreement is entered into after payment of a Holding Fee, will be retained by the Landlord/Agent and paid towards the first payment of Rent.
  • 3.2 Should the Applicant's refuse to enter into the Tenancy Agreement (except in the case of refusal due to misrepresentation or failure to disclose a material fact by the Landlord or Landlord's Agent) any Holding Fee paid by the Applicant's will be retained by the Landlord/Agent.
  • 3.3 If the Applicant's have paid a Holding Fee, the Landlord/Agent must not enter into a Tenancy Agreement with any other person within 7 days of payment of such fee or within such further period as may be agreed with the Applicant's unless the Applicant's notifies the Landlord/Agent that they no longer wish to enter into a Tenancy Agreement.

Consent for checking personal and employment information
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